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Peter Sellers

A State of Comic Ecstasy

A 75 min film for BBC Two, 2020
Brook Lapping

A most fiendishly difficult documentary to make, it took 18 months of filming across London and Los Angeles to tell the complex and astonishing story of the real life of Peter Sellers. While Sellers' life had been explored by many other programmes and books over the years, this film marked the first time Britt Ekland, Sellers' second wife, whom he married in a frenzy following the success of Dr Strangelove and The Pink Panther, had participated in a telling of his life story.

Featuring Michael Palin, Steve Coogan, Sellers' surviving children, many of his secretaries and girlfriends and a whole host of his friends, this film charted the depths of this mercurial titan of twentieth century cinema.

"A terrific job of illuminating a huge talent and the huge mess he left behind." The Times

"Gloriously rich" The Telegraph

"A substantial new film" The Economist

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